ECTS is an online software allowing container depots and terminals to track their shipping container movements (in/out), inventory, storage days, services, and repairs in an in-depth manner.

In addition to acceptance and release bookings, ECTS also offers detailed tracking of container transactions via purchase and sales order modules.

A further highlight of ECTS is its automated reporting via EDI which is individually customized based on the requirements of each shipping line.

As a web-based software, all features are accessible via an interface designed for both office use and gate personnel receiving and releasing containers at the gate.

ECTS provides the following functional modules:

  • Container Acceptance
  • Purchase Order
  • Container Gate-In
  • Container Release
  • Sales Order
  • Container Gate-Out
  • Mission Control
  • Equipment Maintenance
  • Equipment Repairs
  • Equipment Services
  • Inventory
  • Billing Processing
  • EDI
  • Reports


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