ECDS is a secured web-based customs filing software that allows you to submit your manifest and vessel conveyance data directly to US, CAN, AU and EU Customs and receive their responses electronically.

All transactions will go through ECDS's Customs pre-approved service center so you do not have to worry about purchasing or developing your own software. You also receive automatic update to latest version of ECDS when available.

ECDS is the perfect solution for shipping lines, agents and NVOCCs who need to get access to the US ACE / AMS, CAN ACI and EU ICS (24-hour filing rule) with a minimum amount of startup time and cost.

As soon as your Load Port Agents enter or upload BLs to ECDS, your head office or Discharge Port Agents can log into ECDS to view or print required cargo documents. The same information can also be forwarded to Operations and Terminals for cargo discharge preparations. This feature provides the fastest and most economical way to send cargo data from one port to another. It eliminates long distance, fax and courier costs.

Unlike other system, ECDS offers optional value added services which include capabilities of printing REAL-TIME Non-Negotiable BLs, Arrival Notice, Standard US, CAN and EU Vessel Manifests, Freighted Vessel Manifest, etc.

ECDS protects the privacy and confidentiality of your data based upon your company profile. Your users are provided with unique user IDs and passwords to logon to the system. Redundancy and backup system are all built-in to ensure ECDS operates 24/7 and 365 days a year.


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