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CMS is a Multi-Cargo Management System developed for marine terminals. It reflects over 10 years of shipping experience and dedicated work by our systems developers and extensive input from terminal staff, carriers, manufacturers, and shippers.
Increase Productivity
Increase Productivity: CMS ensures cargo information is correct throughout the entire process. The system controls cargo at each step of the operation (receiving/delivery, loading/discharge) and verifies cargo movement against information provided by shippers, consignees and carriers. This ensures optimal terminal productivity and expedites cargo to its intended destination quickly, safely and efficiently.
Serve Operational Needs
Serve Operational Needs. CMS was developed from the ground up for terminal operators by drawing on the knowledge and experience of operations experts and all levels of staff, and by applying a thorough background within the transportation industry to identify the specific needs of its intended users. The result is a comprehensive solution that addresses all the operational challenges of 21st century terminals.
Integrate With Other Systems
Integrate With Other Systems: Hardware & Software. CMS integrates with several external hardware and software products to improve terminal operations. Handheld mobile data terminals for remote systems access, barcode scanners for improved systems accuracy and efficiency, and a variety of stowage and billing/accounting software packages can all be integrated with CMS.
One Software Solution
CMS is a One Software Solution.: It provides all of the software needed to manage any kind of cargo operation from breakbulk to container. This highly flexible and configurable system adapts to varied cargo mixes, units of measurement, customer types, facility layouts, vessel sharing and operating methods.
Real-Time Information
Provide Speedy, Efficient Real-Time: Information Exchange between all the links in the logistics chain via EDI, Email or Web Access. CMS’ superior entry, processing and reporting environment keep you and your customers up-to-date with cargo and operations information.

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