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EDOC is an online system is developed to produce ocean shipping documents with the highest degree of efficiency and accuracy. EDOC allows international shipping lines, agents, or freight forwarders (NVOCCs) to maximize their productivity in trading.
Vessel Schedule
Can be created and tracked through standard vessel and port call tables. This module is integrated with the vessel schedule function of the Dataloy System to minimize data input and streamline the operation process.
Ocean Freight Booking
Can be created and tracked by vessel voyage, shipper sale order number, carrier booking number, etc. With just one mouse click or keystroke, the details of a booking or a customer profile can be quickly located.
Bill of Lading
Can be created for different shipping lines. Data from the BOL (which is fully integrated with Ocean Freight Bookings) provides accurate volume and freight control details for the shipment. With all the data input consolidated into a single form, BOL creation becomes a much simpler and more efficient task.
Cargo Manifest
Based on the destination of cargo, Cargo Manifests can be produced in the standard formats required by US, CAN or EU Customs. These can be printed by the shipper, load port, or discharge port from the data entered in the BOL form.
Carrier and Shipper Profile
Unlimited Carrier and Shipper Profiles including contract and non-contract rates can be maintained within EDOC. Historical vessel voyage and shipment data are linked to the Carrier and Shipper Table function that can be accessed with just one or two mouse clicks.
Customs and Accounting
EDOC integrates seamlessly with our Customs online filing software, ECDS for submitting vessel conveyance and cargo manifest to Customs authorities in the US, Canada and EU. EDOC can also be integrated with different software such as Ship Inventory Management System (SIMS) and shipping lines' in-house system.
Ocean Freight, Commission Invoice
Information is combined from bookings and bills of lading to generate accurate ocean freight, commission and other types of invoice with just a few keystrokes or mouse clicks. Highly detailed statistics reports can also be produced as management tools. Invoices can also be exported to different accounting programs.
Vessel Disbursement Account
Vessel D/As for multiple Principals can be produced by port call. To complete a Vessel D/A for each ship principal, port cost templates (including pilotage, agency costs, and other charges) can be pre-defined in EDOC.
Digital Documentation Storage
Enables the storage of any relevant documents of vessel voyages and bills of lading so that authorized users can retrieve them at their convenience.
Comprehensive Reports
Includes 50 different reports which can be viewed on screen, printed as a hard copy, or sent by email.

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