Equipment & Inventory Tracking System

EITS is an inventory control software for mining companies. It features a central database with front-end web user interface for easy access, deployment, and updates. EITS integrates with Active Directory to easily manage access restrictions.



Create rental orders containing multiple inventory items if you want to rent out your equipment. Track rentals via searchable listings by order number, rental status, dates, etc.


Display and maintain detailed item information via user-friendly web forms. Track status, important dates, equipment and inventory schedules, documents, and more.


Create and track equipment & inventory and maintenance transactions with details such as quantity, locations, expected and actual release and return dates, assigned project and staff, clients, and more. Conveniently access all operational functions via the main EITS web interface.


Search and display inventory via searchable listings, categorized by regular, bulk, and consumable inventory items.

Documents and Files

Store documents and files for each item or a group of items. Files can include PDFs, photos, word documents, etc.


Automatically generate rental bills based on duration and rental rates specific to each inventory item.

Automatic Email Notifications

Configure email notifications for maintenance dates, quantities, booking creations, sample disposals, and more.

Check In / Check Out

Expedite equipment release and return processes via Check-In and Check-Out screens with the help of a barcode scanner.


Maintain tables of Projects, Contacts, Organizations, Inventory Categorization Groups, Locations, etc.


Plan ahead by reserving items via Bookings. Book items from different locations.


Barcode incoming mine samples and schedule disposals and disposal reviews.

Schedule Graphs

View graphical schedules of current and upcoming rentals and bookings.


View and print a variety of detailed reports.

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