Total Transload System

TTS is a software solution for Container Transload Depots storing bulk cargo such as malt or other agriculture products. TTS is highly configurable and tracks container export shipments, depot load orders, railcars on route, truck pickups, and deliveries.


Load Booking

Create a new load booking and enter data required for the new booking all in one place. Data input can include customer, cargo, railcar, storage can, container, and any additional notes

Load Schedule

Displays a list of load bookings color-coded to illustrate their current loading status. On the same screen, the cut-off dates, ERD, and number of containers belonging to the load can also be viewed.

Railcar Tracking

Track your railcars with unique railcar numbers. Simplify the search by using the same numbers to display move history, current status, load number, and customer details

Container Gate In/Out

Gate in/out containers at the gate with minimal data entry requirements. EIRs can be copied for multiple-containers on the same page. It can then process an EDI transaction for the customer if required. Gate-In/Out charges are automatically transferred to the Billing module for invoicing.

Invoice & Accounting

Invoice & Accounting: With existing data, create invoices for containers gate in and out, container storage, repairs and services. Invoices can be processed by date and customer. Invoices can also be faxed, emailed or EDI directly to customers and exported to third-party accounting software.

Storage Container

Display a list of containers which are used for storage purposes on site transload facilities with details of the container stored weight, remaining weight and related cargo information.


TTS can produce EDI messages gate in/out activity, services and waybill exchange. Customer settings (within customer EDI profiles) can be configured to specify which transactions are applicable for EDI.


Multiple built-in reports such as Container Release Summary and Depot Inventory to name a few can be generated with a few mouse clicks. Reports can be configured to send to clients automatically at a pre-defined date and time.

Integrate with the Scale System

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