Container Transload Lumber System

CTLS is a software solution designed for transload lumber depots.
The software is developed with a user-friendly interface and a smart
auto-load feature that minimizes manual work and increases productivity.


Inbound Lumber Receiving

Create new bills of lading with an order number to receive inbound lumber. This feature allows users to record particular customer shipment data including weight, size, unit, measurement, and additional information. The data is stored in one place and synchronized across the system to maintain accuracy.

Outbound Container Releasing

Create new outbound bookings with just a few clicks of the mouse to generate existing data in the system. CTLS provides a listing table of containers to assist users in managing their container details. When a booking is created, users can expedite the outbound procedure by generating container details in a matter of seconds.

Lumber Inventory Control

Display a list of lumber inventories including their locations in the depot, inbound/outbound movement history, and any other shipment details. This feature is an inventory management function which keeps depot operators updated on their inventory.

Container Auto-Load

A highlight of CTLS is the Auto-Load feature which automatically applies a load plan based on pre-configured load templates. Users can configure multiple load templates in CTLS based on previous load plans to auto-load packages onto a container with just a few clicks of the mouse.

Comprehensive Reports

CTLS provides various built-in reports for managing inbound/outbound shipments and maintaining control of inventory.

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