Schedule K Codes

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Country Port Name K Code
Unknown High Seas,South Pacific 99950
Unknown High Seas,North Pacific 99940
Unknown High Seas,Gulf of Mexico 99930
Unknown High Seas,South Atlantic 99920
Unknown High Seas,North Atlantic 99910
Unknown High Seas 99900
Canada Port Whitby, ONT 9671
Canada Whitby, ONT 9671
Canada Oshawa, ONT 9670
Canada Heron Bay, ONT 9669
Canada Whitefish River, ONT 9667
Canada Bowmanville, ONT 9665
Canada Port Weller, ONT 9663
Canada Thunder Bay, ONT 9662
Canada Port Arthur, ONT 9662
Canada Fort Williams, ONT 9662
Northern Marian Tinian 96169
Northern Marian Saipan 96165
Canada Walkerville, ONT 9605
Canada Marathon, ONT 9601

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