Schedule K Codes

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Country Port Name K Code
Yemen Aden 52101
Yemen Al Hudayah 52115
Yemen Al Mokha 52125
Yemen Al Mukalla 52100
Yemen All Other Yemen Ports 52100
Yemen Hodeida 52115
Yemen Hodeidah 52115
Yemen Mocha 52125
Yemen Mokha 52125
Yemen Mukalla 52100
Yemen Perim Island 52100
Yemen Saleef 52100
Western Sahara All Other Western Sahara Ports 73700
Western Sahara Dakhla 73700
Western Sahara Laayoune 73701
Western Sahara Villa Cisneros 73700
Wallis All Wallis and Futuna Ports 64131
Wallis Mata-Utu, Futuna 64131
Wallis Singave, Futuna 64131
Vietnam All Other Viet Nam Ports 55200

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