CMS - Cargo Management System
CTLS - Container Transload Lumber System
ECDS - Customs Reporting System
ECTS - Container Terminal System
EDOC - Electronic Documentation System
EITS - Equipment & Inventory Tracking System
MIRS - Information Reporting for Investigators
SIMS - Ship Inventory Management
TMS - Timesheet & SOF System
TTS - Total Transload System
VTRS - Virtual Truck Reservation System
Ebill - Ethereum Blockchain Bill of Lading
CBP Non-declared Split Bills: One Conveyance per Entry
Cargo moving on the same bill but not declared in the ACE manifest system as a split is not eligible for split entry processing. As such, one entry per conveyance is required. This applies to a single house bill split across multiple master bills.
CBSA CAED Retires; New Canadian Export Reporting System (CERS)
Effective June 30, 2020, all exporters and CSPs who previously used CAED, will be required to use CERS or G7 EDI to report their goods and submit their declarations to the CBSA. Also, as of June 30, 2020, the CBSA will be mandating electronic export
CBSA Post-arrival Amendments
For post-arrival amendments which need to be made to key data elements on primary cargos (all modes), house bills and conveyance transmissions; or, if a cargo and/or conveyance arrival message was sent in error prior to the actual arrival ...
CBSA Generic sub-location (9000)
The use of the generic sub-location (9000) code in all modes (Customs Notice 19-04) For in-bond movements, the sub-location code on release requests is a mandatory data element.
CBSA Reporting Patterns IT Limitations
Customs Notice 20-24 provides information on how to transmit high volumes of cargo reports done by carriers, freight forwarders, service providers, etc.
R2 Release - eManifest house bills enhancements, New Arrival Rules for cargo
eManifest house bills enhancements, New Arrival Rules for cargo
What is SOF? Why is it important?
A Statement of Facts provides a detailed chronological description of a vessel's activities from its arrival and cargo operation commencement to its departure. The SOF description encompasses a variety of details such as:...
Top 3 Rejections From Canada Customs
Are you an international shipping line or a freight forwarder who often submits your eManifest to Canada customs? Watch out for the common rejections below when filling electronic A6 General Declaration and Conveyance Arrival (CACM) ...
Choosing your best container tracking software
Do you want access to your container activity anywhere, anytime? Are you struggling to control your gate-in and gate-out procedures for your shipping container yard? Do your clients need Container Activity and Inventory reports on a daily ...
Top 3 rejections from US customs
In the past decade, many customs systems have been transitioning from physical documents to electronic document management systems. This includes Canadian Customs, United States Customs, Australian Customs and European Customs ...
What is WACM and is it different from CACM?
WACM, stands for Warehouse Arrival Certification Message, is an electronic notification transmitted by CBSA-licensed sufferance warehouse operators when the unreleased goods arrive at their facilities. CBSA has enforced the transmission of WACM since