Schedule K Codes

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Country Port Name K Code
Australia Westernport 60280
Australia Whyalla 60200
Australia Williamstown 60200
Australia Wyndham 60200
Australia Yamba 60281
Australia Yarraville 60237
Bahamas Abaco-Snake Cay 23640
Bahamas All Other Bahamas Ports 23600
Bahamas Andros Island 23672
Bahamas Arawak Cay 23630
Bahamas Bimini Island 23683
Bahamas Browns Cays 23600
Bahamas Castaway Cay 23684
Bahamas Cat Cay 23620
Bahamas Cat Island 23660
Bahamas Cherokee Sound 23640
Bahamas Chub Cay 23641
Bahamas Clarence Town 23635
Bahamas Clifton Pier 23675
Bahamas Clifton Point 23675

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