Schedule K Codes

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Country Port Name K Code
Angola Cabinda 76231
Angola Cuio 76299
Angola Lobito 76274
Angola Lombo 76288
Angola Lombo Terminal 76288
Angola Luanda 76278
Angola Malongo Oil Terminal 76282
Angola Namibe 76279
Angola Novo Redondo 76299
Angola Palanca Terminal 76283
Angola Port Lombo 76288
Angola Porto Alexandre 76299
Angola Porto Amboim 76299
Angola Soyo Oil Terminal 76281
Angola Soyo-Quinfuquena term. 76281
Angola Takula 76284
Angola Takula Terminal 76284
Angola Tombua 76299
Anguilla Anguilla 24821
Anguilla Sombrero Island 24823

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